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Dementia generally refers to memory loss and is quite a common condition. The risk of developing dementia increases as one ages, and the condition usually occurs in people over the age of 65.1

This condition is not mentioned as a separate disease entity in Ayurvedic classics and is considered as a natural part of ageing, but sign and symptoms of dementia can be understood in details as per Ayurvedic concepts of cognition.2

A resembling term used for dementia in Ayurved is Smritivibhransha (Smriti – memory; vibhransha - destruction). When on account of the psyche (Manas) being clouded with obsession and delusion i.e. Rajomohavritatmanah, the retention of true knowledge is destroyed leading to loss of memory (smriti), rational thinking (dhee) and retaining power of the mind (dhriti). This state is called the derangement of memory (Smriti).2

Dementia is a Yapyavyadhi (palliative condition) as per the Ayurvedic understanding. Early detection and early treatment is required to prevent the progress of the disease.2

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